High Tea

Are you tired of not getting what you want from website builders? Have you contacted a company to create your site and after waiting a long time, got a site that does not reflect what you asked for?

We offer 100% transparency, competitive prices, a range of services in all stages of the development cycle and a free intake.


Through workshops, documentation is created with the specifications of your application.

Hand this over to your IT supplier to make sure you get what you want.

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Keep track of your costs with an detailed overview


We will stay in close touch to make sure the right priority is worked on at all times.

A fully customizable PHP website is created using the MVC model with Bootstrap and Codeigniter.

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Every story starts with a free intake conversation

Everything is owned by you! Domain names, web hosting, physical devices, ...

No hidden costs or mandatory maintenance contracts

Private servers

Want to set up a private server at your home or office?

This typically goes from media centers to web applications for managing orders

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All development work is priced at €50/h. On-premise days available.

All prices listed are ex. VAT

All web applications can be extended with a management portal for easy text changes or adding pages and products

No transport costs

Mission statement

You are in control

Work is tailored to your needs and a change log is available.

Competitive prices

At a price of €50 per hour, we target small businesses.

Personal touch

During the intake a match is needed between all parties.


All accumulated costs are visible.


Risks regarding complex features are highlighted before development starts.


We create what you want, no one should tell you what to do.

Financial stability

Costs and work can be spread over multiple months, fitting your lifestyle.


Possible via mail or phone, and is provided at the same price as development.